Myanmar Script (1000-109F)

From: Myanmar Triumph International Ltd. (
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 01:16:23 EDT

Dear Unicode gurus,

It is really time to ask for help;

Well, I'm somebody who is doing Myanmar Script in Unicode (1000-109F).
I started this six months ago as a hobby (sounds like Mr. Torvald!) and as fow now, I'm into thease two big subjects:

1. Standard National Unicode-compliant Character Set
2. Standard National Keyboard Layout

My testbed is on Linux, most professionals' preferred OS. I've collected appropriate docs on many areas of font biz and my applied study areas are ASCII, ISO8859-1, .bdf, .pcf, .ttf, unicode in general and font servers under linux. But when it comes to UTF-8 and UTF-16, obviously, I get stuck since I'm not familiar with what it is saying.

Please also note of the followings:

1. I have no govermental support.
2. I have Internet E-mail only account.
3. I have once in a while Internet access.
4. I'm not very familiar with C or application programming.
5. I have not even thought about native data processing including sorting, searching...YET!

Since I'm a Myanmar national, I know the language and the general tech. stuff. Even though I'm not supported by the official organizations, I'm well encouraged by my friends who tend to dedicate some interest into unicode. To cut the long story short, my questions are

1. Am I doing the right thing?
2. Whoever doing Myanmar Script, please contact me for further research. I guess we can help each other.
3. Those who have done other scripts, please send me suggestive paths to achieve the above two goals of mine as compared to the successful other languages.
4. Send me your comments, suggestions, advise, do's and don'ts, howtos, faq's.......whatever is deemed necessary for the above.

Yes..let me see..that is all I wanna ask you all..I will keep about it posted. If my project be of a success, I'll present it to my goverment for standardization purpose in Mynmar. FYI, it is not my intention that I go for commecialization but it is just for the sake of standard for my good old coutnry. Thanx alot and I appreciate your feedback in advance.

William W.L.K
(EDP Officer)
Myanamar Triumph International Ltd.
No. 3. Trunk Road, PhyinMaBin Industrial Estate,
MinGaLarDone Township, HtaukKyant P.O.,
Yangon, Myanmar.

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