Unicode not approved by China

From: Bjorn Stabell (unicode@exoweb.net)
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 22:33:13 EST


According to this news item (in Chinese), China rejected HK's
application to use Unicode, and instead says they have to use
ISO 10646-1:2000 or GB18030. Apparently they don't like to
standardize on a standard controlled by an organization of
commercial companies, like Unicode.

This is confusing. Nobody implements ISO 10646-1:2000 as
such, they just implement Unicode, right? I thought the two
standards were equivalent? We're using Unicode because of
practical reasons, because there's a lot of applications supporting
it and it solves the character set problem. What do you suggest
we do, being based in Beijing, China?

In December, the Chinese will go to Taiwan to try to settle on a
common encoding.

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