Re: Kana and Case (was [totally OT] Unicode terminology)

From: James Kass (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 16:58:05 EST

(This message includes UTF-8 material.)

Peter Constable wrote:

> You can get a Yi font at (Notes:
> we don't yet have an input method for this. Also, we had to set some
> incorrect codepage bits to keep Office 2000 from substituting other fonts
> via font linking for parts of the Yi character range. This issue will be
> fixed in Office 10, and we'll be providing a new version of the font that
> removes those additional codepage flags.)
> I know that the font is being used. I don't know if there are any web pages
> with Unicode-encoded Yi data, though.

Thank you. Actually I already have a Yi Unicode font
and was hoping to find examples of Yi text encoded
in Unicode in order to see how the font looks on
actual text rather than just filling out charts.

There hasn't been much information on the net about
the Yi script. Michael Everson's proposal included some
Yi strings, as in the titles of his sources. But the
proposal used graphics for the Yi, of course, since
it was a proposal and no code points existed.

In Mr. Everson's bibliography, he lists the source "Bburx 1984"
as: ꁰꄻꌠ.1984.ꆈꌠꁱꂷꎹꏦꋐ: ꌧꍧꌜꆈꁱꂷꌤꃅꋈꌠꆃꎭꍏꅇꂷꁱꂷꌤꃅꊈꑼꉼ,ꁰꄻꄉꌠ.
[Chéngdū] ꌧꍧꊿꋅꄯꒉꅏꅉ. (The first Yi character here is different
than in the picture.)

I'd found a couple paragraphs of Yi text in a picture on a
Spanish web site, but that example used so many variants
that I was unable to encode the text in Unicode.

At last I found the United Nations web pages devoted to
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Many of the
pages are in Unicode, even though they are font-specific
pages, but the Yi portion is only available as a graphic.

The title and opening line in Unicode:




Without Michael Everson's Yi radical list, even encoding these
short strings would have been too tedious. (Thank you, M.E.)

Am still hopeful that someone knows of an actual implementation
using Yi Unicode.

With best regards,

James Kass.

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