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From: Majid Bhurgri (
Date: Sat Dec 02 2000 - 00:32:54 EST

Back to the issue of creating website, I agree with Michael K., in that Win2000 has proper built in support for Unicode while Win9x has problems handling Unicode based OpenType fonts. I have created a few unicode Sindhi fonts and I have had know problem using these in Win2000 (NT4 too) and using these to create website. You can visit the sample sample Sindhi website can be visited. Sindhi set is much larger than Urdu and shares many Urdu characters and letters.

Majid Bhurgri

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Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 11:24 AM
Subject: RE: URDU fonts

Tahoma, when it comes to Arabic script (both Arabic and Farsi languages)
has a funny shape of some characters (example of ending MIME) that give
the look of a kid handwriting ;-) This is why we at Microsoft have
chosen Microsoft Sans Serif for Arabic Windows 2000 default UI language
font. But Tahoma still remains a quality font and the current shape is
pleasant for a lot contexts.

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Subject: Re: URDU fonts

This is interesting, actually. Of the three fonts you name, is there a
particular preference in terms of appearance, from an Urdu perspective?
know for example that some consider Tahoma to be wonderful for Arabic
downright homely for Farsi (when compared to Microsoft Sans Serif).

Just trying to improve my knowledge of best font choices! :-)


Michael Kaplan
Trigeminal Software, Inc.

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Subject: RE: URDU fonts

> To add to what have been said by Michael, I should say, that some of
> big fonts (multi-script) shipped with Windows 2000 had a GSub table
> problem with regards to few Urdu specific characters. Part of these
> issues have been addressed for SP1 and the remaining will be resolved
> Whistler. Tahoma, Microsoft Sans Serif and Arial are the best fonts
> Urdu.
> Houman
> Microsoft Corporation
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> Well, one difficulty would be in trying to understand what you mean by
> "TTF
> URDU" fonts. Are these Unicode fonts?
> It is true that the Arabic versions of Windows 95/98/Me do not fully
> support
> Urdu as they are supporting the Arabic *language* not the Arabic
> *script* (a
> name overload that I wish both Unicode and Microsoft would try to
> whenever possible since it can cause confusion!). However, Windows
> and
> the Arabic enabled version of NT4 both will have much more luck with
> Unicode
> fonts that support the necessary characters for Urdu.
> Windows 2000 has an Urdu keyboard, and I believe you will find that
> capabilities in Windows 2000 will suit all of your immediate needs
> For editing, both Word 2000 and FrontPage 2000 can do well with Urdu
> text
> (if you use the former then you have to be willing to live with all
> extra tags Word loves to add, if you use the latter then I would
> recommend
> HTML view over Normal view after long experience with complex scripts
> FP2000.
> Now, none of this will help you convert an English website to Urdu....
> they
> will give you tools so that you could convert the site yourself,
> MichKa
> Michael Kaplan
> Trigeminal Software, Inc.
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> Subject: URDU fonts
> Is it possible to type Urdu in Arabic Windows for a website?? I have
> come to
> know that Arabic Windows does not support any TTF Urdu fonts. Is this
> true?
> If it is true, then is it possible to transfer the fonts of Universal
> Word
> (Urdu typing software) to Arabic Windows and then type Urdu?
> Can we paste the Urdu text into the HTML files? If someone could also
> tell
> whether these fonts would support the Unicode system.
> I am actually confused.
> If all the above is not understandable, can someone simply tell which
> software to use for converting an English Website into URDU?? And what
> procedure to follow.
> Best regards
> Paresh Agarwal

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