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Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 03:54:39 EST

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On Wednesday 06 December 2000 02:29, Kenneth Whistler wrote:
> Tobias Hunger asked:
> > 1.) What are the EastAsian Width properties of the characters in the new
> > Private Use areas (Plane 15/16)?
> "A", the same as for the private use area in the BMP:
> > 2.) What are the Linebreaking Properties for those characters?
> "AI", the same as for the private use are in the BMP:

That is what I exspected. Thank you for verifying that for me.

> > 3.) How do you generate the PropList File? Some of the properties are
> > quite obvious (for example the Bidi-Properties), but others are a mystery
> > to me.
> Some of the properties currently in PropList.txt are completely
> derivative from information in UnicodeData.txt, but were included
> in PropList.txt despite their redundancy, since PropList.txt gives
> a different "view" on properties. It gives a property by property
> list of all the characters with a particular property.

Yes, I noticed, that this file is informational. But it is very useful to
have:-) From what I read about it I guessed that it was completly derivable
from the other, normative, data. So these deltas were a surprise for me.

Thank you for pointing out this misconception.

A sidenote: The standard is a great book to have when you need to work with
characters as it points out many pitfalls that are not obvious to the latin-1
using programmer. It is well written and easy to understand. The only
problem I encounter from time to time is figuring out which characters you
mean exactly when you talk about groups of characters. Maybe it is possible
to define Properties for all those groups in the next version of the
standard? This information is redundant, but it would help me greatly.

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