Re: UCS-2, UCS-4, UTF-16 unicode format files

From: James Kass (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 12:53:32 EST

(Sorry, second try...)

John Cowan wrote,

> Apparently your browser (IE? which version?) overrides
> the media type specified by the server, which is "text/html".

MSIE 5.50.4134.0600
but it may not be actually overriding the media type, I should've
said "the pages load" rather than "the pages load just fine", since
I don't know what the pages are supposed to look like. I think
they are being displayed as HTML because there are some line breaks
in the source but no line breaks displayed in the browser (other than
the automatic line feeds at the edge of the screen, I meant). What
seems to be happening is that these pages load as one giant block
of text, in other words it's HTML without the 'HML' because there
are no tags.

Best regards,

James Kass.

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