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Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 01:17:53 EST

I got this intriguing pointer sent to me. I know many of the people on this
list are also interested in related issues, so some of you might enjoy
traversing this site (in Italian).

>From: "GIORGIO CORAGLIA" <gcorag@tin.it>
>To: <afii@unicode.org>
>Subject: linotype & linotipisti
>Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 22:06:21 +0100
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>Dear Manager,
>I am Giorgio Coraglia, linotype operator from "Tuttosport" (1969) and "La
>Stampa" of Turin. I am retired since 1993.
> I have put up on the Net a site:
>dedicated to the profession of the Linotype operator.
>My Web site «Linotype & Linotipisti» contain the description and the
>history of the Linotype and its inventor. All the models of linotype the
>Americans, English, Germans, Italians and Intertype. Technical cards. Use
>and maintenance. Mail and testimonies (also photographic) of linotype
>operators (also my work history), editors and journalists. Many
>photographies originals, many link and many curiosities. All dedicating to
>the mythical Linotype.
>I turn to you, if possible, for information to enrich the page dedicated
>to the Linotype and to Linotype operators who have worked on newspapers
>throughout the world.
>It is a trade that is disappearing, swept up by the new technologies, but
>through this site there should remain a testimony of an innovative
>profession that has allowed newspapers to grow. It is a site open to the
>testimonies of all those whom have dedicated a life of labor to a mythical
>profession: to the Linotype operator & typographers & journalists
>throughout the world. To remember & to remind.
>Yours truly,
> giorgio coraglia
>Giorgio Coraglia - via Fermi 1 - 10020 Cavagnolo (Torino) - Italy
>fax: (+39) 02700404923
>I encourage anyone interested in Linotypes to visit the site and to
>send comments to Giorgio Coraglia:
>e-mail: <mailto:gcorag@tin.it>gcorag@tin.it

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