Unicode-aware ftp client

From: Frank da Cruz (fdc@columbia.edu)
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 18:04:45 EST

Hi folk. The Kermit Project at Columbia University (a Unicode
Consortium member) is happy to announce a Unicode-aware FTP client
for UNIX (potentially all varieties: Linux, AIX, Solaris, etc etc),
available now for testing:


In fact, it's a new release (7.1) of C-Kermit:


The Unicode awareness consists of being able to convert the
character-sets of text files as part of the transfer process.
Any text file can be converted between any pair of character
sets that C-Kermit knows about. These include:

 ascii dec-multinational koi8r
 british dg-international koi8u
 bulgaria-pc dutch latin1-iso
 canadian-french elot927-greek latin2-iso
 cp1250 elot928-greek latin9-iso
 cp1251-cyrillic euc-jp macintosh-latin
 cp1252 finnish mazovia-pc
 cp437 french next-multinational
 cp850 german norwegian
 cp852 greek-iso portuguese
 cp855-cyrillic hebrew-7 shift-jis-kanji
 cp858 hebrew-iso short-koi
 cp862-hebrew hp-roman8 spanish
 cp866-cyrillic hungarian swedish
 cp869-greek iso2022jp-kanji swiss
 cyrillic-iso italian ucs2
 danish jis7-kanji utf8
 dec-kanji koi8

It can also convert a local text file from any of these sets
to any other one (with, obviously, the expected amount of
loss when going from a bigger set to a smaller one). The
national-looking names (like french, german, dutch, etc)
are the ISO 646 7-bit sets.

The character-set features work independently of the server;
therefore no particular server is required, nor are any special
advanced FTP features.

The same FTP client will be available for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000
after the testing phase is over.

Reports, comments, suggestions welcome. (But don't bother
suggesting UTF-16 instead of UCS-2 -- I know that already. One
thing at a time!)

- Frank

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