Re: Information about curly-tailed phonetic letters

From: Richard Cook (rscook@socrates.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 02:26:23 EST

"J%ORG KNAPPEN" wrote:
> The curly-tail consonants t, d, n, l, c, z are also included in the
> TeX IPA (tipa fonts). The documentation of those fonts is available
> on
> --J"org Knappen

Hi J"org,
It looks as if you sent the wrong url. The right path is, I believe:

And as for the consonant symbols, why stop with t, d, n, l, c, z? Why
not include the rest of the curly-tail and other symbols in the
following chart:

there are a few other bits of data you might glean also, including usage
of the apical vowel symbols.


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