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Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 07:24:45 EST

You did not mention you were trying to do this from VB.

VB is a MUCH tougher case, and I think you will find that you will not have
much luck here, at all, with intrinsic controls. This is because in VB4,VB5,
and VB6 the forms package does NOT support Unicode, and thus the
default system code page must support the characters. Since Uighur requries
many Arabic script characters that do not exist on any code page, you would
need Unicode controls (none of which the VB intrinsic controls are), or
owner draw controls that use Unicode (an ansswer which is a bit beyond the
scope of a newsgroup question!).

GB2312 (cp936) does not contain these characters, and even Arabic (cp1256)
does not contain all of them. Microsoft is definitely out of the "create a
new code page for every lang that comes along" phase. The answer is to use
Unicode, though if you ar in VB you need to overcome limitations due to the
fact that *they* do not get the hint here until VB7 (which is only in Beta


a new book on internationalization in VB at

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> Help me!?
> hello, Dear unicode list item's!
> I read unicode fonts characters in visual basic6.0 (windows98 chinese
version) not succusift!!??
> Send to me VB6.0 Sample Code (HelpYou.Vbp) and unicode fonttype
(HelpYou.TTF) sample!??(Windows98/Chinese Version)
> Thank's your for to help...
> Email: (Uighur VB programmer)

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