Effect on file size when using extended fonts in Word 2000

From: Dembek, Raymond F (Ray.Dembek@unisys.com)
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 09:10:35 EST

Does anyone know the implications on file size when you add characters above
255 to a Word 2000 document on Windows 95/98/ME. Will this double the size
of the paragraphs that contain these characters?

I am primarily concerned with adding linedraw characters to paragraphs done
in Courier New.

We are getting some disproportionate increases in file size.

For example when one of the characters in each 1000-character paragraph is
replaced by with a character outside the lower 255, the file size doubles.

Does Word 2000 store a paragraph as two-byte characters if one of the
characters in it is a double-byte character?

When I look at the RTF version of such a file it seems that only the
characters that need two-bytes get special coding and at least the lower 127
are all coded as ASCII.

Please forgive the imprecise terminology in the above. This is still a very
confusing area for me.

Regards and thanks,

Ray Dembek

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