Linguistic Transcription list

From: Richard Cook (rscook@socrates.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 14:34:16 EST

Greetings Unicoders,

As people on the Unicode list obviously have considerable experience in
such matters, we would like to invite your recommendations and
suggestions on the following.

A new Linguistic Transcription mailing list has been set up, preliminary
description and subscription info as follows:

> The Transcription mailing list exists for the purpose of the exchange
> of information relating to the assemblage of a comprehensive inventory
> and typological classification of symbols and variants used to represent
> aspects of human speech in the modern phonetic and phonologic traditions.
> The result of this collaboration will be joint submission of a formal
> proposal to the Unicode Consortium for augmentation of the Unicode
> Standard's current treatment of linguistic transcription symbols.
> Linguists with specific knowledge of transcription symbols which ought
> to be addressed in such a proposal are encouraged to join and contribute
> to this list.

Linguists at various institutions, in various areas of specialization
have already joined or agreed to join.

The initial list agenda is to determine a number of procedural issues,
including project participants, sponsoring institutions, scope and

Subscription instructions follow:

To join the transcription mailing list, send mail to 


with the following command in the body of your email message:

subscribe transcription email@address

Replacing "email@address" with your actual email address.

If you ever need to get in contact with the owner of the list, (if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the list itself) send email to <> . This is the general rule for most mailing lists when you need to contact a human.

---------------------------------------- Richard S. COOK STEDT Project, Linguistics Department University of California, Berkeley

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