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From: Alain LaBonté  (
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 19:11:04 EST

À 12:17 2000-12-21 -0800, James Kass a écrit:
>Alain LaBonté wrote:
> > I would much like to communicate with him using
> > Unicode. However that's a game that has to have two
> > participating players (and he is not a "computer person").
>He shouldn't have to be a "computer person" in order to
>reset the encoding of his e-mail program.

[Alain] Easy to say... For example, I can't do Unicode with my French
version of Eudopra Pro (4.2)...

> Since he is as
>a brother to you and has taught you Mandarin, perhaps it
>is time for you to return the favor and help him with his
>encoding issues. If his program is not Unicode-aware, there
>are several freely available programs which are, and you can
>help him to locate, install, and use a new program.

[Alain] Do you have any clues on how to do this with the following
mailer he uses on his site (perhaps through a LAN):

Novell GroupWise Internet Agent ?

Do you have any experience in this? If yes, I am interested.

Alain LaBonté
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