Re: [langue-fr] L'anglais est-il une langue universelle ?

From: Alain LaBonté  (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 12:20:18 EST

À 13:19 2000-12-30 +0100, Darya Said-Akbari a écrit:
>Bon jour Alain,
>I honestly had not the strength to read your whole email. [...]
>Now it would be unfair from me when I would go into a deeper discussion
>with you,
>until I really understand what you mean. So please tell me in four five
>what you want to say.
>I promise you that I will not be unfair in our upcoming discussion.

[Alain] The text, as I said many days ago, was not from me (and I was never
able to know who was the actual author). I posted it because it was talling
favourably about Unoicode, but it was also talking in bad terms about
English while its message was to say that English was not the universal
language that so many assume it to be. Perhaps -- and I agree -- the way to
say that was not pedagogic nor diplomatic at all, but it indicated a
frustration that is felt by many on the net -- English also being seen
explicitly or implicitly as an agressor by non-English speakers.

I should perhaps not have posted it as I was perceived as the author (I had
not indicated from day 1 that the text was not mine, and that is of course
my fault). It is now almost established that the author was an
English-speaking native or at least somebody who masters it almost
perfectly, which is obviously not my case.

In passing, here is a counter-example of an aggression against my language,
French (now some will say it is normal, the site is in Canada):
« Important notice: The official language of this site is English/Anglais.
Any posts or comments en francais will be deleted. Sorry. For further
information, see the FAQ page. »

I'm used to that kind of offensive statements against the use of my
language or others. It is possible that the author does not even think it
is offensive -- the FAQ is milder -- but it is explicitly offensive to me.

Alain LaBonté

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