Re: New Unicode Website items

Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 04:33:21 EST

On Sun, 31 Dec 2000, Mark Davis wrote:

> We'd like to call people's attention to a few recent items on the Unicode
> site.
- -
> Unicode 3.0 Online
> - The text of the Unicode Standard, Version 3.0 is now online.

That was grrreat news!

In this context, I'd like to mention my "Guide to the Unicode 3.0
(Probably not that useful to people in this list, but you might wish
to refer to it when others ask you how to learn the standard.)

> There are links to pages for these topics on the Unicode Home page,

Yes, but I wouldn't have noticed the great news there, partly because
I saw just something that begins with "UTF-8 Corrigendum ..." and thought
on first glimpse that the two lines below it are part of the same link.
I suppose the maintainer of that page reads this list, so I'd suggest
changing the order of the NEW! items to reflect their news value rather
than something else, and making them clearly separate items (e.g. using
UL markup, or a simulation of UL as used in the other sections of that

The direct address of the Unicode 3.0 Online page is
and it's mostly in PDF format, except for some parts in HTML.

Note that the "Terms of use" link at the bottom of that page is dysfunct.
It should apparently refer to
instead of


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