Re: [OT] Close to latin

Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 23:41:49 EST

At Tue, 2 Jan 2001 09:43:18 -0800 (GMT-0800), Antoine Leca <>
>- a living language, as opposed to a dead one, should evolve (this is
> exactly the problem French is currently having, by the way); trying
> to stick with a past reference is going exactly backwards; Esperanto
> showed us that a fossilized language cannot aim at being lingua franca

I don't see why Esperanto is a 'fossilized language'. KDE has almost been
completely translated into it, showing that Esperanto can handle the computer
terminology. From what I've seen, Esperanto picks up new terminology whenever
it's needed. It has evolved as needed by the community.

I don't think linguist causes can be blamed for Esperanto's failure; the
sociological causes are much more apparent.

David Starner - ( off vacation)

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