Re: [Sort of OT] 15 minutes of fame for James Do

From: Alain LaBonté  (
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 15:39:11 EST

À 08:45 2001-01-05 -0800, F. Avery Bishop a écrit:
>Last night's Fresh Air program on NPR featured the president of the
>society to preserve the Nam (sp?) character set. He mentioned James Do
>of UTC fame by name as one of the people he's been working with in this
>effort. I haven't been very active on this list lately so I don't know
>if he's even around, but when I was in the UTC early last decade (Time
>flies like a ripe banana!) James was active on this list and in the UTC.
>You're famous James, for another 14 minutes. Congratulations.

[Alain] Bravo à Jacques Do !!!


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