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From: Mark Davis (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 23:55:18 EST

ICU offers a reverse BIDI algorithm. (

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Subject: Reverse Bidi Algorithm

> Hi!
> I would like to ask if anyone has worked on anything like a reverse bidi
> algorithm.
> Being a native bidi writer myself, I know that a visually laid out text
> may have many logical equivalents; but there are only a few that make
> sense and relate to the order the reader may read the text. And I
> also agree that this is really locale dependant, (e.g., U+003B SEMICOLON
> is considered a neutral punctuation mark in Hebrew, but a strict
> left-to-right character in Persian).
> But I think that a common framework should exist, for ideas, some
> algorithm may assign "reverse bidi" types based on the locale, compute
> embedding levels, use that to find the logical ordering of characters, and
> then insert implicit or explicit bidi marks for that ordering.
> Applications include converting from legacy visual encodings (yes, I know
> about the LRO-PDF hack, but I'm talking about things that make sense), and
> optical character recognition.
> --roozbeh

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