Re: Transcriptions of "Unicode"

From: Richard Cook (rscook@socrates.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 22:57:09 EST

Jon Babcock wrote:
> At first glance, I agreed. But then if the U_Chinese3.gif, gets
> shortened to the last three characters, wanguo ma, as I suspect it
> would in practice, I'd favor it slightly over the three-character
> tongyi ma of U_Chinese2.gif. FWIW. To me, wanguo ma emphasizes the
> multilingual aspect, whereas tongyi ma emphasizes the unifying aspect,
> but it isn't fully apparent, from the name (tongyi ma) alone, what is
> being unified.

Well, I'd say a problem with wanguo ma [lit. 'standard myriad-country
code'] is that it would be a better translation of Globalcode, rather
than of Unicode. All in favor of changing the standard name, say aye?

And is it apparent from the name "Unicode" alone that "Uni-" stands for
"Unified" and not, um, "Unicorn"? :-)

tongyi ma seems much more natural, less clunky to me ... but some people
prefer what I think is clunky, so I'm willing to admit that my opinion
of clunkiness may be completely subjective.

Here's the Unicode, courtesy of :

[U+6a19][U+6e96][U+842c][U+570b][U+78bc] biao1zhun3 wan4guo2 ma3
[U+7d71][U+4e00][U+78bc] tong3yi1 ma3


ʮ* biao1zhun3 wan4guo2 ma3
* tong3yi1 ma3

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