Re: Transcriptions of "Unicode"

From: Thomas Chan (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 08:27:51 EST

On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Richard Cook wrote:

> I see 2 Traditional Chinese translations here:
> >
> Which one do people like?

It seems the former ("tongyi ma") rather than the latter ("biaozhun wanguo

Some searches (done in Big5, of course--not romanization):

"tongyi ma" (U_Chinese2.gif):

        Altavista: 66 matches
        Yahoo (Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwan): 78 matches
        Microsoft Taiwan: 100 matches

        ("Yahoo Chinese" != "Yahoo China". I couldn't get through to
        Microsoft Hong Kong's search page.)

        Also IUC10 page (
        is "tongyi ma".

        Java glossary (
        seems to not display properly, but the "Simplified Chinese"
        translation is "tongyi ma".

"biaozhun wanguo ma" (U_Chinese3.gif):

        Altavista: 7 matches
        Yahoo (Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwan): 1 match
        Microsoft Taiwan: 78 matches

I do wonder, however, if "biaozhun wanguo ..." was meant as a translation
of "ISO ...".

Thomas Chan

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