Re: Electronic form of Labanotation

From: Misha Wolf (
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 11:24:41 EST

On 16/01/2001 15:39:12 dank wrote:


> I may be out of place here to suggest this; but perhaps the reason computer
> encodings of these are always bad is the notations are poorly crafted. I
> know its exceedingly politically incorrect to criticize a language as ill
> formed, but it isn't a language, its a notation. I gave an expert reader
> (certified in Paris by there charter school) Benish for a Three stooges
> routine without telling her what it was. The skit was not interpreted well
> enough to be recognizable. Others suggest since the invention of film and
> videotape, the notation itself isn't too important anymore. Seems to me a
> user interface could be crafted and transfer motion vectors into something
> like ASN.1 I wonder whether the videogames industry has live motion capture
> notation standards so you could cut and paste motion from application to
> application.

By ASN.1 you, of course, meant XML :-)


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> Dan

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