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Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 10:27:00 EST

Unicode is always serialized in a UTF: UTF-8, UTF-16*, or UTF-32*. The
definition of each of these is invariant across systems: in UTF-8 an 'a' is
always stored as 0x61. There is a special UTF for use on EBCDIC systems.
Check out the technical reports and FAQs on


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Subject: UNICODE application on IBM Mainframe

> I am investigating using the Unicode standard to store and forward
> Chinese characters in a mainframe (IMS) environment.
> Basically we want to receive Chinese into the system, encode into
> UNICODE, send it to the mainframe and store on the IMSDB. At a later
> stage, then decode back into Chinese for forwarding out of the system.
> Any advice or feedback from anyone who has done anything similar
> would be appreciated. How would the unicode look stored in EBCDIC?
> for example, code point 006D for 'n' - stored as character '00D6'
> or hex x'006D'? What about the 'U' - or does one HAVE to use one of
> the UTFs?
> As you can tell, this is all still new to me.
> Any hints and tips would be appreciated as well as whether this is
> feasible or not. In future we would also want to store and forward
> other languages, as well as possibly update the values using a front-
> end interface.
> Regards,
> Tracey
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