UNICODE application on IBM Mainframe

From: tracey kelly (kelly_tracey@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 09:55:40 EST

I am investigating using the Unicode standard to store and forward
Chinese characters in a mainframe (IMS) environment.

Basically we want to receive Chinese into the system, encode into
UNICODE, send it to the mainframe and store on the IMSDB. At a later
stage, then decode back into Chinese for forwarding out of the system.

Any advice or feedback from anyone who has done anything similar
would be appreciated. How would the unicode look stored in EBCDIC?
for example, code point 006D for 'n' - stored as character '00D6'
or hex x'006D'? What about the 'U' - or does one HAVE to use one of
the UTFs?

As you can tell, this is all still new to me.

Any hints and tips would be appreciated as well as whether this is
feasible or not. In future we would also want to store and forward
other languages, as well as possibly update the values using a front-
end interface.

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