Re: conjucts beginning with independent vowel?

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 07:27:41 EST

Michael Everson wrote:
> Ar 13:50 -0800 2001-01-16, scríobh
> >Now, suppose a VC conjunct were to occur, as described above; "al", for
> >example. Would it seem preferable to treat the vowel like a consonant, and
> >encode as
> >
> > A + virama + L
> >
> >or to treat the consonant, and encode as
> >
> > A + Ldep
> No such thing as Ldep in our model

I see two candidates:
- U+0962 (dependent vocalic l) and all its variations in the other scripts
- U+0D32 ("normal" la in Malayalam) which behaves very much like a dependent
  vowel (like the ra "vattu" in Nagari)

The second is no special (it would be encoded as L anyway! so it returns to
the first case).

A "problem" with the first is that I was taught that A + Vdep (which A +
dependent lri really is) is used as a pedagogical way to teach the alphabet,
and should mean the same as the stand-alone form of Lri (and indeed some
earlier encodings of Nagari went this way; I am unsure if the telegraph still
I do not know how extensive is this behaviour (and how it may compete with
Peter's proposal). Of course, in regular Nagari, one ought to encode A +
virama + La/0932 (+ virama if followed by a consonant or at end of the word
in Sanskrit), as this is the way it is written.


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