conjucts beginning with independent vowel?

Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 17:09:37 EST

In the better known Indic scripts, are there ever cases of conjuncts formed
with independent vowels and a following consonant?

I know this may sound weird. The idea would be a VC syllable like "al".

Things that are more familiar are to have CC conjuncts, which would have an
encoded representation of

     C + virama + C

and syllables with dependent vowel diacritics, which would have an encoded
representation of

     C + Vdep

Now, suppose a VC conjunct were to occur, as described above; "al", for
example. Would it seem preferable to treat the vowel like a consonant, and
encode as

     A + virama + L

or to treat the consonant, and encode as

     A + Ldep


- Peter

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