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Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 17:00:23 EST

We're using Visual Test on one of our Unicode projects. I asked the QA
engineers about it, and this is what I learned:

We're currently working with Rational Visual Test 6.5 which indeed has
multibyte character support. To confirm this, we wrote two short
executables with a UI, one that was MBCS-enabled and one that was

We then used a Visual Test script that performed the following for both
1) write Japanese characters into one text field of the executable's UI
using an IME
2) test that the characters entered in Step 1 can be correctly read by the
executable and reentered into the UI's other text field.

The tests passed in both cases - MBCS & Unicode.

Hope this help answer your questions.

Ted Peck

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I've been asked by our testers to find out about Unicode support in
Rational's Visual Test. Can anyone tell me about its ability to enter /
read Unicode strings in text fields of an app?

(I see that Rational is an Associate member, so I'm assuming there must be
somebody from Rational subscribed to this list. Answers from anyone are
welcome, though.)

- Peter

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