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Yes, Yes, I am struggling with this one. Standards do insure
interoperability within their scope... I hoped by using
"interpret" to indicate the text would be parsed properly and
not necessarily be referring to its display or other aspects.

I thought about, instead of reading, it could be transmitted and
received without loss, but didn't like that either.

I don't like "correctly" either. I thought it should be something
like "identically", but that is too strong.

I could make applications be "compliant applications".

Clearly, its being an ISO standard has value, so it deserves to
be a benefit. I'll see if I can improve this and capture its
more aptly.

I am open to suggestions...
thanks for the comment.

David Starner wrote:
> > > Tex Texin wrote:
> > > Any applications
> > > reading the same
> > > An ISO standard Standards insure text file will
> > > interoperability
> > > interpret it
> > > correctly
> Depending on your audience, I might cut this back some. First, the whole
> "Standards insure interoperability" almost makes me laugh. Even with the
> POSIX and ISO C++ standards out there, moving programs depending on those
> standards from one system to another can be difficult. And those are
> standards that are generally respected - the extended Pascal standard
> and BASIC standard often don't even get lib service paid to them.
> Also, "any applications reading the same text file will interpret it
> correctly" isn't true; almost any program reading Latin/Greek/Chinese
> text will handle it (provided the right fonts), but many won't handle
> RTL languages, many won't handle combining characters, many won't handle
> proper formatting for Arabic and Indic languages, and many won't handle
> suppchars.
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