Re: Benefits of Unicode

Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 09:42:20 EST


>> So if Unicode is for plain text only, I am assuming that Unicode is
>> concerned (meaning its conformance cannot be applied to ...) with HTML,
>> rtf, Postscript,... That is reducing its scope a lot.

You've got the point here: the Unicode standard defined conformance
requirements that pertain to the creation and interpretation of plain text,
and that is as far as those requirements extend. It is up to other
specifications to dictate the rules for HTML, XML, etc. -- that's out of
scope for the dictates of the Unicode standard. But that doesn't mean that
those other specifications cannot build on Unicode -- indeed, many of them
do. It's just to say that Unicode doesn't try to specify the IT universe in
a single standard.

- Peter

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