Re: Property error for U+2118?

From: John O'Conner (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 12:53:21 EST

Thanks for the replies everyone. I do appreciate them.

As a side note...

It's interesting how we find ways to get around rules that bother us. Instead of
moving, removing, or renaming the character, we simply say everything about it
is incorrect except its new properties. At the same time, we wink and tell each
other that SCRIPT CAPITAL P is *really* the Weierstrass symbol.

In all seriousness, how would anyone implementing the Unicode standard know all
the unwritten conventions and this idea about SCRIPT CAPITAL P
being something else entirely. This obviously isn't the only oddity, so what
resources does one have to find out these quirks other than stories and comments
passed along via mailing lists. If I had read the Unicode Standard more closely,
would I have found this?

John O'Conner

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