UTF-8 support in Mac & AOL browsers

From: Glen Perkins (Glen.Perkins@nativeguide.com)
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 13:40:55 EST

(Assume that whatever script you want to display is displayable if you were
to use a legacy encoding. I.e., assume that if you want to send Japanese
text in UTF-8, that the Mac is either a Japanese Mac or is using the JDK, so
displaying shift_JIS pages would work. I'm trying to determine what
percentage of users out there wouldn't be able to use Web forms if the
encoding were UTF-8, assuming I know the percentage of people using various

1) I have a pretty good idea of the UTF-8 handling issues of Windows
versions of IE and NN, but I don't know what happens on the Mac with these
two makes of browsers. I assume that version 3 or earlier won't work, except
for ASCII-only text. What I don't know is the extent to which versions 4 and
later will support UTF-8. Again, given the assumption I stated at the top,
what aspects of UTF-8 support will fail with which browsers/OS versions?
(Perhaps it will display, but form data isn't returned in UTF-8, or maybe
you have to have both the right browser version AND Mac OS 8 or later, or

2) Are the UTF-8 issues in the AOL versions of IE the same as in ordinary


Glen Perkins

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