[OT]RE: international characters in email subject line

From: Jungshik Shin (jshin@mailaps.org)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 18:57:58 EST

On Mon, 12 Feb 2001, Raghu Kolluru wrote:

> I wrote a java application which sends emails to a relay server (Postfix).

When you write your java application, note that any 8bit character is
explicitly prohibited(IETF STD 11/RFC 822). You need to encode them
per IETF RFC 2047 (and RFC 2184, 2231). Some MTAs(mail transport agent)
refuse to accept messages with 8bit characters in the header depending on
the configuration. BTW, the header encoding is not just for working around
those MTAs but also for the sake of identifying MIME charset/encoding
used and allowing the possibility of multiple MIME charset/encoding mixed
in the header (the latter might be mute when UTF-8 is exclusively used)

> My email client is outlook which does support international character sets.
> I can send/recieve non-ascii encoded body but not the subject line.
> Probably this is a question for SMTP newsgroup. Does anyone know public
> email address of such a group?

Usenet newsgroup comp.mail.mime is the best place to ask your question.
(it has the mail-submission address as well, but I don't know it)
BTW, MS OE doesn't support it while Mozilla does support it.

Jungshik Shin

P.S. I'm afraid Unicode mailing list server strips off too many header
lines of messages. In this case and some other cases(e.g. when people
talke about the safe 'transport' of UTF-8 messages), 'X-Mailer:' header
would be nice to have.

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