Re: international characters in email subject line

From: Sean O Seaghdha (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 00:58:20 EST

Ar 12 Feb 2001, ag 20:40 scríobh Jungshik Shin
fán ábhar "Re: international characters in ema":

> I stand corrected(thank you for correcting me). It's possible to enter
> whatever script supported by IMEs installed on your system in both
> Subject(and other headers) and body of the message. However, what
> I wrote about the display of the headers in scripts NOT supported
> by the default system code page still stands. For instance, MS
> OE cannot display Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian headers under
> English/French/Spanish/Italian/German MS-Windows in _the message *list*
> display pane_, which Mozilla can. MS OE can display those headers for
> individual messages.), though.

Thank you for your clarification. MS OE doesn't show any chars outside the
system code page in the message list, only in the preview pane and message

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