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Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 01:17:45 EST

Ar 12 Feb 2001, ag 20:28 scríobh Alain LaBonté 
fán ábhar "Re: international characters in ema":

> À 19:53 01-02-12 -0800, Sean O Seaghdha a écrit:
> >
> >Of course, since my preferred mail program is Pegasus Mail, which can only be
> >configured for one character set, I can't usually read such headers anyway.
> [Alain] Some years ago, I was also using Pegasus mail and I was not
> satisfied with this. I then communicated with the author directly (he lives
> in Sourthern New Zealand); we engaged in a series of exchanges and I made
> him accept to carry on the character set in use without conversion [in my
> case the Windows character set]... You have to use a parameter for this,
> this is the compromise he made me accept because he was really impressed by
> the SMTP 7-bit-only-headers dogma -- which does not impress me since it
> works any way with 8-bit-clean systems [predominant nowadays in the world
> since a serious security breach, I was told, was corrected with an
> 8-bit-clean-enabling SMTP patch].

I think there are a couple of different issues here. As far as storage on
disk goes, I think this changed some time back so that now you have to use
the switch to get the old behaviour (converting messages to one code page on
disk) which was retained for compatibility with the DOS version.

You can send 8-bit mail with Pegasus by changing a setting in Options, but
when you switch it on you get a stern warning about it being "formally
illegal" and a "Comments" header is added to each message.

I have suggested from time to time over the last few years for Pegasus to be
made Unicode aware, but I get the impression it's considered "too hard" or
"too complicated" although I don't think I've actually got a reply on this
from the author, David Harris. Since there will not be another 16-bit
Windows version and the Macintosh version has not been updated in a long
time, this leaves only the DOS & Win32 versions. Hopefully, this will mean
that Unicode will become more of a viable option for him in the future. At
the moment, though, he seems quite busy enough adding HTML mail composition
to version 4.

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