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Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 17:51:28 EST

> At 2001-02-06 07:48:29 -0800 Mark Davis wrote:
>> At 2001-02-06 01:51 "nikita k" <> wrote:
>> What is surrogate space in unicode?

> It is the set of code points that can be addressed using
> surrogate code points. For more information, see the
> glossary at

>+ Supplementary Code Point. A Unicode code point between
>+ U+10000 and U+10FFFF.

>+ Surrogate Code Point. A Unicode code point in the range U+D800
>+ through U+DC00. Reserved for use by UTF-16, where a pair of
>+ surrogate code units (a high surrogate followed by a low
>+ surrogate) "stand in" for a supplementary code point.

>+ Surrogate Character. A misnomer. It would be an encoded
>+ character having a surrogate code point, which is impossible.
>+ Do not use this term.

>+ Surrogate Pair. A coded character representation for a single
>+ abstract character that consists of a sequence of two code units,
>+ where the first unit of the pair is a high-surrogate and the
>+ second is a low-surrogate. (See Definition D27 in Section 3.7,
>+ Surrogates .)

So, I guess it's safe to say that a surrogate code point is
a surrogate code point... which is a surrogate for a supplementary
code point, which is a code point between something and something

Someone needs to take a break from the bureaucrateze and learn
again how to communicate clearly. Is that not a part of the
goal, here?

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