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Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 00:29:32 EST

Hi folks,

Hi Antoine!!!

let me kick off this with a little self-intro.
This is William, a 100% pure Myanmar national, co-ordinator of Myanmar
Linux User Group (, engaging Myanmar Unicode issue with
NGO group effort. I trust (not solidly tho) that I'm able to help you out
with your queries.

1) for the "au" dependent vowel, I believe (extrapolating from the one for "o")
the correct encoding is U+1031 U+102C U+1039. However the use of the virama
inside of a "matra" part looks surprising to me (and it creates problem to my

what looks surprising to you?
what problem does that cause?
what renderer? please give me the Internet Link so that I can download and
test it thru.

2) There appears to exist a special vowel usually named "ui", which looks like
as a combination of i (above) and u (below). How is it supposed to be encoded
in Unicode? u before i (as pronounced)? i before u (as usual with Unicode,
above before below)?

a special vowel? "ui"? I could only find "i" and "u" in my chart.
which reference are you using?
I'm refering to Unicode Version 3.0

talking about the separate one,
i before u (above before below) is only accepted in our approved
handwriting literature.

For e.g. U+1005 U+102D U+102F = the word "wet"

3) The vowel bearer (1021) is reported to be the one to use at intial when
there is no consonant, along with the appropriate vowel sign. However,
Unicode also
encode the individual glyphs for the independant vowel which does not look like
the bearer+the vowel sign. I.e. there does not exist Long A (a space is
available at 1022), so I understand I have to encode it as U+1021 U+102C.
However, for
short i, I can use either U+1021 U+102D, or U+1023. What is the preference?

The preference is that they have only got the same pronuciation.
You use either U+1021 U+102D, or U+1023 based on the words you are writing.

For a better visualization, U+1021 U+102D plus U+102F gives you the word
whilst U+1023 plus U+102F gives you a totally "meaningless" word that
we don't have it in our dictionary.

My emphasis is that even when two or more consonet-vowel or vowel-vowel
signs combinations produce the same sound (like above),
they can't replace each other....this is our language barrier. You just
have to learn the writing techinques..that would only help.

4) I have in my references another glyph, which looks like 4 but with a
straight leg; it is the same as the first part of U+104E,
"asformentionned". I do
not know the name of the symbol ("leng"?), nor its real use (I guess it is
used only as
part of the U+104E abbreviation). However, what is the recommanded translation
for such a symbol if we encounter it in the wild?

the first part of U+104E does not have the "name" nor the "meaning".
You are right to have assumed that it is used only as part of the U+104E

The translation!!!sorry!!! There is no meaning at all nor no name to
(You can merely assume that you write the word "4" in some wrong way:)!!!!
only when U+104E presents wholy, it comes to mean the word ("that") from
("that" car, "that" thing ).
Please however note that it is not used in our formal writing.

5) I can't figure how looks like "kywe". Is it base_ka + wa_below +
ya_to_the_right (but then what is the difference with "*kwye"?), or is it
base_ka +
ya_to_the_right + a_special_wa_deep_below, the latter being under the
"arch" of the ya?

Ehhhh!!! I'm not sure if I understand your questions "kywe" and "*kwye".....
but, understanding from your drawing, "*kwye" is never acceptable in our
writing.... I enclose the best you should expect out of your rendering.......

**************(Enclosed is detached for size limitation reason!)

well, what i am researching around is the .mm unicode compliant .bdf usage
under Linux.
May i have more of your work anyway. If you want me to test your products,
please feel free to send it over to me.
I'm not so much technically into unicode yet...but...I'm too much into it...
My organization is rooted in Yangon, Myanmar and she is NGO and
open-sourced and non-profitable...
we are just doing it for the sake of the country....

I'm so proud of you doing our .mm scripts....

keep in touch....respond to my queries...too
William W.L.K

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