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From: Joel Rees (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 06:33:33 EST


I just signed up today after receiving a note from a fellow macperler that
3.1 (extension B) included 40,000+ new Kanji. I checked and
noted that 3.1 was in beta at last update, but that the conference period
for errata had ended.


So I would like to jump into the middle of this with a quick question --
when is it scheduled to move past beta? Is it now safe to use it in

And, this is kind of important to me and my company, how much consideration
has been given to the mojikyo? Is there any reference chart or conversion

> Kenneth Whistler wrote:
> > No. Unicode 3.1 has already been approved, and is in the
> > last stages of publication. After that, Unicode 3.2 will
> > appear, adding over 1000 more characters to the BMP.
> Can you anticipate what these new BMP characters will be? Entire scripts
> just additions to existing scripts?


Deseret is a script, isn't it? (although not necessarily of very broad

And I would say the 42,710 points for additional Han characters are "just"
an addition, if probably a rather important one for the far east.

> _ Marco

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