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From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 15:51:37 EST asked:

> I just signed up today after receiving a note from a fellow macperler that
> 3.1 (extension B) included 40,000+ new Kanji. I checked and
> noted that 3.1 was in beta at last update, but that the conference period
> for errata had ended.
> (
> So I would like to jump into the middle of this with a quick question --
> when is it scheduled to move past beta? Is it now safe to use it in
> applications?

The complete data files for Unicode 3.1 are due to be posted by this
Friday, February 23, and should be stable thereafter.

However, Unicode 3.1 is not yet officially rolled out, and will not be
declared final until sometime in the middle of next month (latest
March 31). The "beta" in the data file names will not be removed until
the official rollout, and there is always a small risk of some change
until the last moment.

For the area of your concern, a very important data file, Unihan.txt,
is not yet posted, so that is a file where we may have to respond to
last-minute bug reports.

> And, this is kind of important to me and my company, how much consideration
> has been given to the mojikyo?

By the Unicode Consortium, very little. You would have to contact
the IRG members to see what impact the mojikyo had on the repertoire
submitted by Japan for unification.
> Is there any reference chart or conversion table?

Not that the Unicode Consortium provides.

The mojikyo got a very pointed critique on this list fairly recently,
by the way.


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