Re: Sanskrit Transliteration Characters

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 05:03:43 EST

Am 2001-02-20 um 03:47 h UCT hat Krishna Desikachary geschrieben:
> There is an internationally accepted set of extra chars that are
> included in Roman (Latin) script to transacribe Sanskrit texts
> in Roman script.

Is there a list of these characters available, online?
If so, where (URL)? If not so, could you provide one?

> Does a Unicode standard exist for these characters?

You could try to find these characters in the sections "Basic Latin",
"Latin-1 Supplement", "Latin Extended-A", "Latin Extended-B", "IPA
Extensions", "Spacing Modifier Letters", and "Latin Extended Ad-
ditional" of <>.

Also consider the many combining marks, mainly in sections "Com-
bining Diacritical Marks" and "Combining Half Marks". Their usage
is discussed in chapters 2.6, 3.5, and 4.2 of
<> and in

> Were these ever standardised even outside the realm of Unicode?
> Are there any public, or commercial fonts available that follow
> these standard

Am 2001-02-20 um 04:33 h UCT hat Valeriy E. Ushakov geschrieben:
> Yes, there are CS (classical sanskrit), CSX (CS eXtended) and now CSX+
> 8-bit character sets for transliteration of Indic languages. CSX+
> covers all the essential characters needed for ISO 15919, the draft
> standard for transliteration of Indian languages.
> Find attached a mapping file for CSX I wrote to convert a Pali
> dictionary to Unicode (with perl's Unicode::Map module).

8-Bit encodings, and font switching, clearly is yesterdays
technology; for a discussion of its inherent drawbacks, cf.
<>. If
it turns out that the required characters are indeed available
in Unicode, I'd suggest that new texts should exploit this
technology, particularly if you are planning to publish them
via the WWW.

Best wishes,
  Otto Stolz

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