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The fact that the virama have to be part of a non-halanta syllable.

********* I'm not very sure about the history but that is what unicode has taken it....
********* i'm still tracing who submitted our scripts to unicode.....
********* many experts say that our current unicode char set is not very efficient
********* from both techincal and principle point of view...

This is different from what happens with the other scripts.

********* ain't easy.....
********* in english the word "I" requires one key stroke but in mynmar,
********* we have to press 8 keystrokes
********* to form the same in our language....;)

You can't: I am designing an Indic script engine to be put in front of
FreeType 1.x OpenType (and if things work well, it will be used with
FreeType 2). But there is nothing to release publicly at the moment.

********* that's alright. I have got freetype-1.3.1 too and have work something on it...
********* I anyway look forward to FreeType2.

OK, you got it I believe. From what I read, this means that "wet" canNOT be
written as U+1005 U+102F U+102D. Do I get it right?

********* Yes, you do get it right. "but" only principally. OK?
********* technically, it can be constructed any either way.
********* coz it will give you the same output anyway.
********* I'm not very sure yet whether that feature should be forced to users...
********* If not, application programmers have to right rules and reverse-rules to ease searching and sorting....!!!!:(

You mean, there are words which are written with U+1021 U+102D, and the initial
"i" sound canNOT be written with U+1023?

********* a big NOD NOD. a big "YES" "YES" thanx.
********* In addition, I'd like to stress you that U+1023 is very extremely "merely" used in our language.
********* I checked with my dictionary and found that U+1023 related words never have "Vowel signs"

problem for me is that as far as I understand that in fact the "u" sign here
really indicates a tone, not a different sound. Correct?

********* I'm a bit confused. Please produce me a few examples.
********* I then shall investigate 'em and revert to you with black & white answer. thanx.

Yes, that is ugly drawing.
********* Not bad tho:)

The point, as I understand, is that the "w"
does not transform it self into a triangle, but keeps its normal rounded
from although it goes below.

********* Please note...our standard writing is based on an absolute circular rounded shape.
********* it does "NOT" have any other shape such as triangle...
********* however, in our country, some adopt to use such triangle in the handwriting when it goes below
********* but principally and formally, we do not use any other shape but the rounded ones.
********* I'd strongly therefore suggest that all the typefaces must be based on rounded shapes..

Again, many thanks for your answers, they are very precious to me.
As soon as I got viewable results, I certainly will give the informations
to test them. Keep connected...

********* I should be thankful to you too for you are doing our scripts.
********* for anytime for any further help, please do not hesitate to raise in regards to this .mm sctipts subject...
********* I'd beg that you help me in case I have technical dificulties with my R&D works about this subject.
********* I look forward to testing your product.
********* and you stay tuned too.

best regards,


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