Re: [OT] What is DEL for?

From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 14:41:33 EST

Frank da Cruz wrote:

> DEL does indeed have a use in plain text files that are encoded with
> Shift-In / Shift-Out to switch between left and right halves of (say)
> ISO 8859-1 without having to actually put 8-bit characters in the file.
> Ditto for "higher" levels of ISO-2022 character-set invocation (LS3, etc).

I did not think you could put a 96-element character set such as
8859-1-high-half (ESC 02/13 04/01) into G0, but I see by checking
ISO 2022 (ECMA-35) that you can, overriding the usual meanings of
SP and DEL.

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