Plain text in Java ResourceBundle

From: Richard, Francois M (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 14:45:23 EST

Related to the "clear" identification of plain text:
My group is trying to convince developers to implement Unicode in their
systems. So, one of our first task is to identify "plain text" in their
systems so that we can understand the implication and requirements for
implementing Unicode.

A fairly common case is Java ResourceBundle. Java ResourceBundle files
(resource file to store and retrieve messages used in Java application) have
are very simple: a KEY / VALUE pair separated by an "=" sign. For instance,
in a resourceBundle file, you will find:

ByeMessage="See ya"
ErrorMessage="Application error"

The Java application retrieve the message using the key like in the
following Java code:
String GreetingLabel = introLabels.getString("GreetingMessage");

Question: What is plain text in this ResourceBundle file ?
The VALUE is. I am not sure about the KEY part. Actually the KEY / VALUE
pair looks like a kind of format...


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