Re: Possibilities of future expansion (from Perception etc thread

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 14:38:53 EST

At 10:15 -0800 2001-02-25, Thomas Chan wrote:

>On the other hand, apparently neither CSUR nor you were aware of (or
>chose to ignore) the clashes with the mappings between the PUA and legacy
>CJK encodings and character sets, which [the mappings] have already been
>implemented for 5+ years now on CJK versions of Windows.

So what?

Anyone can use the PUA for anything they want. The code positions are
NOT standardized. If the "characters" those CJK people are using need
to be interchangeable, they need to be properly proposed and put into
Unicode. If they are not, then they are NOT characters.

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