Re: Klingon silliness ii

From: Dan Kolis (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 15:35:27 EST said:
>That anyone could seriously consider adding the Klingon script to Unicode
>seems preposterous. Even if someone were to provide an "accurate" script, a
>sample font, etc that meets the general requirements of a proposal, the idea
>is quite silly. I am surprised that the consortium hasn't simply refused it
>with a polite suggestion to use the private use areas for those Klingon
>speakers/readers/writers out there.

Dan K says:
But the resource allocated is more theorhetical than real. Computer science
people sniff there noses in disrespect for the material world and propose in
their 1 and 0 view all things are possible. All resources; (like numbers)
are unlimited. All notations can absorb and exchange anything... Music,
ideas, holograms, and by virtue of CAD drawings, even physical goods. Genes,

So its a fun way to show off, and doesn't hurt anything. Of course, there is
the nastyness of that "camel nose under the tent" people problem, but I just
don't think there are that many wierdo candidate scripts to encode.

Besides, since there is no "real" user base there is almost no criterea for
correctness. Like it or not, that matters. It might be an idea to tag
requests fulfilled for these are "periferal" in some manner, such that, for
instance, requests for changes or additions are managed at a lower level of

Regs to all,
Dan K

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