Re: Klingon silliness

From: G. Adam Stanislav (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 18:00:48 EST

At 12:11 26-02-2001 -0800, Rick McGowan wrote:
>It's silly to even consider Klingon for Unicode or 10646.

Nah, it's not silly. It's offensive.

Back when I suggested that 'ch' be added to Unicode, I received
a ton of replies why that should not be. That despite the fact
in Slovak 'ch' has a one-to-one correspondence to a letter
in the Cyrillic alphabet used by many other Slavic languages.
It also has a one-to-one correspondence to a letter in the Greek
alphabet, in the Glagolitic alphabet, and in the Hebrew alphabet,
and, heck, even in the damn Klingon alphabet!

I find it offensive that Klingon is more important to Unicode
Consortium than a human language. The way I see it, as long as
the proposal is not rejected, it is still being seriously considered.

For the record, the active status of the Klingon alphabet is *the*
reason why I stopped any work on any Unicode software, and have no
intention of updating any of my past software that has anything to
do with Unicode.

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