Re: Implementing Complex Unicode Scripts

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 17:56:19 EST

At 10:57 AM -0800 2/26/01, jgo wrote:
> > Doing complex character-to-glyph mapping involving
> > the OpenType tables is another matter. My understanding is that the MacOS
>> can do the former, but cannot yet do the latter.
>Well, the Apple folks who should know are on the list, so let's ask them.
>I'm also curious about the differences in 9, & X (Carbon & Cocoa).

Apple has a rival (and older, BTW) extension of TrueType now referred
to as AAT (Apple Advanced Typography) which also allows complex
character-to-glyph mappings.

This technology is available to developers on Carbon through ATSUI
(Apple Type Services for Unicode Imaging) and MLTE (Multi-Lingual
Text Edit) APIs. It's also available to anyone doing Cocoa

As for OT support, we're investigating how this might be done on the
Mac at the system level.

John H. Jenkins

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