Re: Tribble-kissing, was Re: Klingon silliness

From: rscook@socrates.Berkeley.EDU
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 17:50:41 EST

> Rick McGowan wrote:
>I have said repeatedly over the years, that I will entertain the encoding
>of Klingon when the tribble-kissing wimps at the Klingon High Command beam
>an armed delegation into a UTC meeting and demand the encoding of their
>script. Until then, I see no reason to consider encoding this script.

Oh sure, it's easy to insult imaginary creatures :-) But seriously folks,
a properly typologized encoding ought to be able to accomodate even
imaginary or delusional scripts. No? Imagine, for example, a Chinese
Finnegans Wake.

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