From: Dan Kolis (dank@hq.lindsayelec.com)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 17:31:43 EST

You know this Klingon thing though, might have an unexpected upside. I'm not

I think theres a good chance if ratified the item could make funny story of
the day globally; you know, evening news style. "Trekkies everywhere applaud
the inclusion of Klingon into Unicode, and effort to make worldwide
messaging work with any printed human language".

Tens of millions of people would think; Hey, what is this unicode thing? Who
never heard of it before. This might mean its inclusion in professional
programs would ring a bell after hearing / seeing the item.

I work in TV. You can't believe it if your not in it the impact an utterence
can have on ocassion. Like the song says; "everything counts in large amounts".

Besides, I revisit *fun*.

Has Paramount ever expressed a concern over these works as property?


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