Re: Klingon silliness

From: David Starner (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 18:24:34 EST

On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 02:33:23PM -0800, G. Adam Stanislav wrote:
> All I wanted to do was point out there
> are more important things than Klingon.
> As for encoding some of the minority scripts: I am not an expert on them,
> so I cannot help there. I can help with Slovak, but the only issue I had
> there was the "ch" and we have discussed it in the past.

Then why do you berate people for working on Klingon? They're probably
no more an expert at the minority scripts than you are. They're just
working on what they find interesting and are knowledgable about.

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