Re: UCD 3.1, Final Beta - Case folding

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 13:18:54 EST

Carl W. Brown wrote:
> I noticed that there is no mention of the casing special case:
> # Lithuanian
> 0307; 0307; ; ; lt AFTER_i; # Remove DOT ABOVE after "i" with upper or
> titlecase
> The case folding is locale-less so it seems to me the it is probably better
> to remove the COMBINING DOT ABOVE after all 'i' / 'I' regardless of locale
> to make it work for Lithuanian. I doubt that this will case serious
> problems with caseless compares for other locales.

I think the 'I' above is a typo, isn't it? You meant 'j', don't you?

If not, please consider a Turkish text, fully decomposed: there, a dot_above
U+0307 following an uppercase I U+0049 should certainly *not* be dropped.


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