Re: Pentagrams: (was: RE: UTF8 vs. Unicode (UTF16) in code)

From: Curtis Clark (
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 02:01:14 EST

At 07:50 PM 3/13/01, Pierpaolo BERNARDI wrote:
> > And no, the Unicode Standard hasn't encoded any pentagrams yet -- or
> > hexagrams or baphomets, for that matter.
>Now that you mention them, someone will make a fuss over their absence.

A lot of other religions managed to make it into Miscellaneous Symbols
(although if Solomon's Seal/Mogen David is there, I'm not seeing it). I'd
like to think that those crosses and ankhs and stuff are there for
compatibility or round-tripping or something, and that it isn't a case of
some religions being favored. And if Wiccans want to exchange books of
shadows in plain text, I'm sure we can make fine use of the PUA. So, no,
this isn't exactly a fuss. But I notice there is some space left after
U+2672. :-)

At 08:24 PM 3/13/01, wrote:
>(APL is a rather demonic language, isn't it?)

That's like saying U+0074 is a Christian cross.

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